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MIDO is using blockchain technology to empower bricks-and-mortar merchants

MIDO is using blockchain technology to empower bricks-and-mortar merchants and reshape a decentralized application scene trading platform. The purpose of MIDO is to return data assets to merchants. Through token rewards, merchants are encouraged to keep transaction records on the chain and fully share customers. MIDO allows traders who actually produce transaction accounting data to enjoy the multiple value of future data.

This white paper describes in detail MIDO as a decentralized trading platform in the physical retail industry, which has three advantages over centralized O2O platforms. First, from the technical level, MIDO USES block chain technology to ensure that merchants' transaction bookkeeping belongs to merchants and is authentic and reliable. Any value generated by future data is guaranteed to be relevant to the interests of the merchant. Second, it can empower individual merchants from the supply chain. Compared with the centralized platform, it not only has the basis of credit loans, but also can promote token transactions between merchants to complete loans. Third, merchants should share data with each other, so as to promote the flow of customers among merchants and bring more business benefits. Therefore, no matter from the community consensus, algorithm consensus, and value consensus, MIDO is trying to run the community well in the face of the physical retailers. And help them constantly improve their management level and increase their income.

In the era of traffic now sinking, MIDO by adopting the technology of chain blocks, with 2 b + 2 c double token reward method, on the one hand, 2 b establish merchants trading data value of the assets, on the other hand 2 c building customer fully Shared value of circulation. MIDO has been preliminarily promoted in mainland China and has been recognized by tens of thousands of merchants. In addition to a large number of small and medium-sized physical businesses, there are also many famous head catering businesses.