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COIN918 will be launched ARDR on DEC 21, 2018.

Dear COIN918 user:

COIN918 will launch ARDR COIN on 21 Dec 2018, which is called ARDR. Investment is risky, please invest rationally.

Open recharge at 16:00 on Dec 19

The ARDR Start Trade at 11:00 on Dec 21,2018.

The COIN918 will be online in the near future, and other new COINS will be launched regularly. Please pay attention to it and thank you for your long-standing support for COIN918!

Risk tips:
As a new thing, digital currency may have many risks (such as technical defects, large price fluctuations, etc.), please purchase carefully, and pay attention to investment risks. As a neutral trading platform, COIN918 is only established for the convenience of digital currency lovers. The investment value of the currency is not liable for any review, guarantee or compensation.

COIN918 Australian department.
Dec 19, 2018.