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Company Profile


COIN918 (www.coin918.cc) is the global digital currency trading platform of AUSTRALIA COIN918 FINTECH GROUP PTY LTD. Which headquartered in Sydney, Australia, it launched on-line beta version in September 2016.It has been updated to version 5.0. We have industry-leading technical strength and are committed to the development of the digital money industry, for the majority of digital money lovers to provide a safe, free trading platform.


The platform released domain name www.xunidig.com in May 2015   

New domain name www.coin918.com launched in September 2017

New domain name www.coin918.cc launched in March 2018

UK site www.coin918.uk launched in April 2018

COIN918 is a Global Virtual currency Exchange platform. We are committed to providing you with safe, fast, and stable virtual currency transactions, adhering to Google's "Don't do evil " "principle, so that everyone can get a secure transaction here. 

Each of our currencies has been vetted through a rigorous online process, and we have established a research institute to conduct a comprehensive analysis of each currency and to keep an eye on its future development.

We want to provide investors with more and better blockchain digital projects, and we are also working to create an exchange with the world's largest currency.

In the process of development, we have not only become a team. We have become good friends who have a common love for the cause! All of our employees have top qualifications and can provide each customer with the highest level of service and personalized solutions. Our team provides 7x12 hours of service, so that each customer is happy, stable and quality trading experience.

Professional safety and security

  • System reliability
  •  Bank-level user data encryption, dynamic authentication, multi-level risk identification control, and secure transaction security

  • Financial security
  • Multi-layer wallet encryption, offline storage in the bank safe, funds third-party hosting, to ensure safety

  • Fast and convenient
  • Recharging real-time, fast withdrawals, high-performance transaction engine per second, guaranteeing all speed and convenience