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Legal declaration

Virtual currency trading platform - coin918 user service agreement

1General Principles

1.1Users should carefully read the entire contents of thecoin918 user service agreement(hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") before using the virtual currency trading platform service. The emphasis on reading the terms of the font, italics, underlining, and color marking in this Agreement shall be emphasized. ,understanding

1.2The rights of ownership and operation of the services provided by Coin918 (http://www.coin918.com) are owned by c&a block chain technology Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "coin918").

1.3 The user shall agree to all the terms of this Agreement and complete all registration procedures in accordance with the instructions on the pageWhen the user clicks on the “Register” button during the registration process, the user has reached the following agreement with coin918 and fully accepts all the terms and conditions under this agreement. This agreement has legal effect between the user and coin 918 and is legally binding on both parties.

1.4 After the user registration is successful, coin918 will give each user a user account and the corresponding password. The user account and password are maintained by the user. Users should be responsible for all activities and events carried out by their user accounts.

1.5 The coin918 user service agreement, individual terms of service, all activity terms and announcements may be updated at any time by coin918 without notice. Coin918 reserves the right to amend the above terms and the amended agreement effectively replaces the original one. Users can check the latest protocol at any time. Before using the services provided by coin918, users should carefully read this agreement and various service agreements that are inseparable from this agreement. When using related services, users should pay attention to and comply with the applicable terms and conditions. If users do not agree with the service agreement and/or modify it at any time, they must not access or use the related services of this site; Once the user uses the coin918 service, he shall be deemed to have understood and fully agreed with all aspects of this agreement and other terms of service, including any changes to this agreement and other terms of service made by coin918 at any time, and become a coin918 user.

2User qualification and registration

2.1 The user should be a natural person, a legal person with full capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct, or any other organization capable of independently assuming civil liabilityIf the user does not have the above-mentioned legal capacity qualifications, he or she must obtain the consent of the legal representative or be represented by a legal representative, or be authorized to register and deal with the authorized subject. Or, although it does not have full civil rights capacity and performance capacity, but click the consent registration button, coin918 is deemed to have agreed with its legal representative and registered by its legal representative to complete the transaction and other services.

2.2 Users should prepare their own equipment and bear the following expenses before using the network platform services provided by coin918

2.2.1Equipment required to access the Internet, including personal computers, modems or other essential Internet access devices

2.2.2 Pay for the telephone charges, network charges, etc. related to this service paid by individuals on the Internet.

2.3If the user clicks the "Agree with the following agreement and register" button, the user is deemed to agree to all the terms of the agreement, and has the right ability and behavior ability to use the coin918 provided by the coin918 platform to relevant information, submit bills, reasonable transactions, etc. Take full responsibility for the resulting legal liability.

2.4 The registration and use of coin918 by the user shall not be for the purpose of illegally or destructively ordering the coin918 transaction. The user guarantees that the entire information submitted to the user is true, accurate and complete. There is no fraudulent use, borrowing, purchase of non-myself mobile phone number, etc. for registration, and false transactions. If the user has the right to disqualify himself from trading and his rights and interests arising from participating in the transaction, and to stop the service, if the violation causes losses to coin918, the user reserves the right to pursue and compensate for the violation and to appeal to the law.

2.5 After successful registration, the user should keep his coin918 platform account and password properly, modify his password periodically or irregularly, and exit the account in time after each use of the coin918 service to ensure the security of the account. The user shall not lend, transfer or use the coin918 platform account for other illegal purposes, otherwise, if the account is not properly kept, the user shall bear the corresponding legal liability

3User personal information protection

3.1The coin918 user information referred to in this agreement refers to information that complies with laws, regulations, and relevant regulations and that meets the following scope

3.1.1The personal information provided to the coin918 when the user registers the coin918

3.1.2When the user uses the coin918 service, participates in a website activity, or visits a web site web page, coin918 automatically receives and records the data of the user's browser or mobile client, including but not limited to the IP address, information in the web site cookie, and the web page requested by the user. recording

3.1.3Users' personal information legally obtained by coin918 from business partners

3.1.4Other coin918 users' personal Information obtained by legal means

3.2Coin918 promises that coin918 will not disclose the user's password, name, identity card, mobile phone number and other non-public information to any third party without legal reasons or with the user's prior permission. It also protects the information in the user information that identifies the personal identity of the user and the personal privacy of the user. It promises that without the user's permission, the above information of the user will not be disclosed or provided to any third party, except in the following cases.

3.2.1Disclosure to the user himself or other third parties with the consent of the user

3.2.2Users agree to disclose their personal data and enjoy the products and services provided for them

3.2.3According to relevant laws and regulations, or requirements of administrative agencies, disclose to third parties stipulated by administrative, judicial or other laws

3.2.4Other coin918 disclosures under laws, regulations, etc.

4Provision, modification and termination of services

4.1Users can consult transactions and related information released on the coin918 platform according to the relevant rules issued by the agreement and coin918, exchange specific financial services products and other related activities through the coin918 platform, and coin918 existing and other services that may be provided in the future.

4.2When users use the above services provided by coin918, they should abide by the relevant rules of use of this agreement and coin918, comply with the principle of voluntariness, equality, fairness and good faith, do not use coin918 platform to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others and seek improper interests, and do not disturb online transactions normal order

4.3While accepting coin918 services, the user agrees to accept all kinds of information services provided by coin918. The user hereby authorizes coin918 to send business information to its mobile phone, address, etc. The user has the right to choose not to accept all kinds of information services provided by Biter. And go to the coin918 related page to make the changes

4.4Coin918 will do its best to maintain the normal operation of the platform to provide users with continuous, stable, safe and smooth service. However, the user understands and agrees that: coin918 is entitled to temporarily interrupt services when it is required to interrupt service operations such as revising service pages, upgrading website systems, and adding service functions.

4.5Coin918 reserves the right to modify or interrupt the service at any time without notifying the user .coin918 is entitled to exercise the right to modify or interrupt the service without being held liable to the user or to any third party that has no direct relationship

4.6Users who object to the modification of this Agreement or are dissatisfied with coin918's services may exercise the following rights

4.6.1Stop using coin918 network service

4.6.2Through customer service and other channels to inform the coin918 to stop its service. After termination of the service, the user's right to use the coin 918 service immediately terminates. In this case, coin918 is not obliged to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished service to the user or any third party not directly related to it.

5User rights
5.1User name, password, and security
5.1.1The user has the right to choose whether to become a coin918 member.

5.1.2Once the user is registered successfully, he becomes a member of coin918 and will be given a user name and password. He will be responsible for all activities and events that occur after logging in to the system with this group of user names and passwords, and will directly assume all words, actions, etc. that use the user name or indirectly caused by legal liability.
5.1.3The user has the obligation to properly keep the coin918 account and password, short message verification code, the user will take full responsibility for the user name and password security. Any legal consequences resulting from user name or password disclosure due to user causes shall be the responsibility of the user himself, and the user shall be responsible for the leakage of such information due to the user's own reasons. Since this site is a trading website, login passwords, withdrawal passwords, transaction passwords, and SMS passwords must not use the same password. Otherwise, there will be security risks. The related responsibilities are borne by the users themselves.

5.1.4If the user's password is lost, the user registered through the mobile phone number can retrieve the original password by virtue of the phone number. If the user discovers any illegal use of the user name or other security vulnerabilities, the user should immediately inform coin918.

5.1.5Coin918 does not ask for passwords from any users. It will not allow users to make payments to any account or btc/ltc recharge address that is not available in this site. Please do not trust any coin918 discounts, offers, etc. to non-btc/. Ltc Loss caused by accounts, addresses, or coins provided by the trading center

5.2The user has the right to obtain the award given by coin918 after publishing information and other contributions according to the relevant provisions of the website.

5.3Users have the right to modify all modifiable information in their personal accounts and decide whether to provide non-mandatory items

5.4Users have the right to receive awards from coin918 in accordance with the relevant rules of the site

5.5Users have the right to participate in online and offline activities provided by the coin918 organization

5.6Users are entitled to other types of services provided by coin918 in accordance with the regulations of the coin918 station

6User obligation
6.1 Users can publish evaluation information on trading services on the coin918 platform, and can make appropriate modifications or deletions. However, they must not use this site to endanger national security, disclose state secrets, and infringe the collective rights of the state society and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. Do not use this site to create, copy and distribute the following information

6.1.1 Objecting to the basic principles laid down in the Constitution, inciting, resisting, or undermining the Constitution, laws, administrative regulations, etc.

6.1.2 Inciting subversion of state power, overthrowing the socialist system, inciting and splitting the country, and undermining national unity

6.1.3 Damaging the honor and interests of the state

6.1.4 Inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination and undermining national unity

6.1.5 Any discrimination against race, sex, religion, geographical content, etc.

6.1.6Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors, or disturbing social order

6.1.7 Promote feudal superstition, cult, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror, abetment of crimes

6.1.8 Openly insulting or fabricating facts to slander others or engage in other malicious attacks

6.1.9 Damaging the credibility of state organs

6.1.10Other violations of the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations;

6.1.11Engaging in commercial advertising

6.2The user shall not maliciously register the coin918 station account by any means, including but not limited to the registration of multiple accounts for the purpose of profit, hype, cash out, and winning. Users also must not misappropriate other user accounts. If the user violates the above provisions, coin918 shall have the right to take all necessary measures directly, including but not limited to deleting the content posted by the user, canceling the star, honor and virtual wealth the user has obtained on the website, suspending or sealing the user account, and canceling the violation. Benefits obtained, even through legal proceedings.

6.3Users are prohibited from using coin918 in any form as a place, platform or medium for engaging in various illegal activities. Without the authorization or permission of coin918, the user shall not engage in any commercial activities in the name of this site, nor use coin918 in any form as a place, platform or medium for conducting commercial activities. If the user violates the above provisions, coin918 shall have the right to take all necessary measures directly, including but not limited to deleting the content posted by the user, canceling the star, honor and virtual wealth the user has obtained on the website, suspending or sealing the user account, and canceling the violation. Benefits obtained, even through legal proceedings.

6.4All information released by the user in coin918 in various forms shall comply with the relevant provisions of the national laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the website, comply with the public order and good public practices, and shall not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of any third party entity. Otherwise, the user shall bear all the legal consequences arising therefrom and coin918 is entitled to recover its losses from the user.

7Limitation of liability and disclaimer

7.1In any case, coin918 pairs due to normal Internet device maintenance, Internet connection failures, computer, communications or other system failures, cyber attacks, power failures, strikes, riots, riots, catastrophic weather (fires, floods, etc.) Storms, etc.), explosions, wars, government actions, orders of judicial administrative agencies or third party inaction resulting from failure to perform or delay performance of services are not liable.

7.2. As the third party platform of "network service provider", coin918 does not guarantee that the information and service on the website platform can fully meet the needs of users. Coin918 is not legally liable for any mistakes, insults, indecisions, inactions, obscenities, pornography or obscene events that the user might encounter in accepting the coin918 service.  

7.3. Based on the special nature of the Internet, coin918 does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted. It does not guarantee the timeliness and security of the service and does not assume responsibility for the non-cause of coin918.  

7.4, Coin918 seeks to provide users with secure access to and use of the site, but coin918 does not declare or guarantee that the site or its servers are free of viruses or other potentially harmful factors; therefore users should use the industry-recognized software to kill any Coin918 downloads the virus in the file. Users must identify the authenticity of their own and take precautions to prevent risks.  

7.5, Coin918 is not responsible for the failure to save, modify, delete, or store information published by the user. The user must identify the true or false information and be careful to prevent risks.  

7.6, Coin918 has the right but no obligation to improve any part of the original site, errors.  

7.7 Unless coin 918 expressly agrees in writing, coin918 does not guarantee the accuracy of any content information, including but not limited to advertisements, obtained by the user in any manner (including but not limited to including, via, connecting or downloading) from this website. Sex, integrity, and reliability; coin918 is not responsible for any products, services, information or materials purchased or acquired by users as a result of content on this site. Users assume the risk of using the information content of this site.  

7.8. The user reviews posted by all users in coin 918 only represent the personal views of the users. They do not imply that this site agrees with its opinions or confirms its description. This site does not assume any legal responsibility for user comments.  

7.9, Coin918 has the right to delete all types of information in coin918 that are not in accordance with the law or agreement, while reserving the right not to notify the user.  

7.10. All notices sent to users, coin918 will be delivered through formal page announcements, post letters, e-mails, customer service calls, cell phone text messages or regular letters. No legal liability for winning a prize, discount, etc., or information obtained through a formal coin918 channel.  

7.11. Coin918 has the right to recharge, present, trade and other formalities according to the market situation, and has the right to decide the termination of the free promotion period.

8Jurisdiction and application of the law

8.1. The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.  

8.2. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the above-mentioned laws, these provisions will be fully re-interpreted in accordance with the above-mentioned legal provisions, without prejudice to the legal effects and influence of other legal provisions on users.  

8.3. The provisions of this Agreement are divisible and, if any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, it may be deleted without prejudice to the continuation of the remaining provisions.  

8.4. If there is any dispute between the two parties regarding the content of this agreement or its implementation, both parties shall try their best to settle it through friendly negotiation. When the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the People’s Court where coin919 is located.  

8.5. This Agreement shall prevail in the event that coin918 and the user register to become coin918 users, using an important legal document between coin918 Services / coin918 or any other written or oral expression of intention of the user that is inconsistent with this Agreement.


The coin918 platform c&a block chain technology Corp. Reserves the right of final interpretation.

9Supplementary provisions

In addition to the above text, this agreement also includes various service rules, product usage rules, and page prompts issued by the coin918 platform. All service rules and this agreement have the same legal effect and are an integral part of this agreement. Service rules including but not limited tocoin918 user service agreement》、 Network transaction service rules》、 Coin918 platform usage rules》、 Privacy statement》、 Anti-cheating statement》、 User transaction experience commitment》、 Online shopping serviceand so on. Other transaction service rules